SharePoint, Design and Branding

SharePoint, Design and Branding eğitiminde, Sharepoint uygulamalarına tasarım öğelerini uygulamanın inceliklerine yer verilecek, Sharepoint Designer aracının kullanımını inceleyecek ve Sharepoint uygulamalarının "arayüz tasarım giydirme" süreçlerine baştan sona değinilecektir.


Information Experience
User Experience
Why brand SharePoint?
Introduction to SharePoint branding
Branding and Website Design
Determining the target audiences
Cross-browser compatibility
Web designer tools for HTML and CSS
Tablets and mobile devices
What do you need to know about HTML5?
Branding in SharePoint
Team Site Design Assets
Applying a Composed Look
Publishing Site Design Assets
Applying a new Master
Quick review of CSS
CSS in SharePoint
Styling a SharePoint site using a custom CCS file
Reverse Engineering HTML and CSS
Writing and maintaining CSS for SharePoint
Exploring SharePoint Designer
Working with Sites
Lists and Libraries
Modifying Web Pages
Working with SharePoint Master Pages
Understanding Usability and Accessibility
Managing Web Content in the SharePoint Environment
Introduction to Design Manager
Mapping a drive to a Publishing site
Converting HTML pages into Master Pages
Working with Design Manager Snippets
Other Design Manager Features
Design Packages
Master Pages in SharePoint 2013
Walkthrough of seatle.master
Creating Custom Master Pages
Designing your own Starter Master Page
Overview of Page Layouts
Creating Page-derived Content Types
Creating Page Layouts with SharePoint Designer
Creating Page Layouts with Design Manger.
Configuring Page Layouts in a Publishing Site
Anatomy of a Composed Look
Modifying a Composed Look
Creating an .spcolor file using the Color Palette Tool
Creating an .spfont file for a custom Composed Look
Creating and Configuring Custom Composed Looks
Packaging and Distribution
Sharepoint 2013 Design Packages
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